5 signs the party’s over

Do you remember the days you could party on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and wake up on a Sunday and feel fabulous? I don’t. If I go out on a Friday,  I will feel back to ‘normal’ on a Wednesday, on a Wednesday evening perhaps. I wouldn’t dare go out during mid week, the thought of going to work with no sleep gives me shivers! I don’t care who is in the club on a c1Tuesday, by 10pm I better be tucked in my duvet like a burrito, dreaming of kittens.

Below are signs that party you is dead and the old and boring you has taken over;

1) You know you are no longer a party girl when at 1am you look at your girlfriend in the club asking if we should go for food, yes you just got there 45mins ago but you are already thinking of food. The real music starts at 1.30 and your song hasn’t even come on but the only thing you can think about is the delicious hummus wrap shawarama in your mouth. Mmmm, tasty

2) You don’t want to wear short tight dresses any more because you know ;

a) You are not going to meet anyone worthy enough to take home to your parents at a party/nightclub after years of epic failure of introductions from the past

b) You rather stay home in your baggy pyjamas watching vampire diaries series on netflix.

3) It’s raining outside

When does it not rain in England? But yet this is just another poor excuse to stay in because you ratherchanel stay in instead of piling your face with your expensive make up. I really don’t want to wear my glam make up unless I know for sure I am going to meet Ian Somerhalder or George Clooney- seriously what is the point of going out in the in rain, getting all dolled up, meeting slobbery arrogant guys, coming home to wipe your make up off with face wipes worth £3.99 at 2am. Just no

4) The thought of sambuca/vodka shots makes you feel sick, so sick that you can taste the vomit shotsin your mouth as you read this

Oh to be back at UNI and downing shots like as if they were water- at this age, downing that stuff feels like poisoning yourself and waking up with a hangover is not a good look. Panda eyes, so sexy!

5) You want to make most of  Sunday

This is what old people, including myself say now. ‘I want to be productive on a Sunday, I want to go to the gym, do my food shopping and make most of the day’

When we were 21, we didn’t care if we did anything on Sunday- the day was spent in bed and if we could pizzabare it we could maybe just maybe dial domino’s for pizza. And now, I want to organise everything on a Sunday, from my closet, to my flat and do things i.e read a book etc.

If you can relate to any of these, congratulations you are old! But least you look pretty and fresh on a Sunday


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