My Zumba Experience

I hadn’t done a gym fitness class in perhaps over 5 years- you know how it is, you feel anxious that you won’t be able to keep up, people will laugh at you or you are just too embarrassed to even try. I thought, screw this. I am going to give it a try and see what all this is about- even though I am perhaps a few years late with this whole zumba hype.

So I went to the class, in my blue leggings, pink gym blouse (had the whole dancer look going on- well done me) I was quite nervous but there were tons of girls around me. Some super slim, some in the middle and some not so much. The class had a variety of body shapes and the instructor did say that it was not about the dance moves but it was about the stemina-

I thought OK- that gives me a little bit of confidence because I am definitely not in shape!

The music came on and of course I was in the front row, eagerly looking at the Zumba teacher to study her moves. And she was great. Really patient, really enthusiastic and had these colorful rainbow colored pyjama trousers which really made my day- she was just so confident.

After five minutes I got the hang of all the moves, the music was great and I could not stop smiling. Finally, I was feeling challenged, twirling around, doing some salsa moves and my favorite part- a little bit of belly dancing. It was so intense that I actually felt like I was burning calories! It was nothing like a boring run where you are in pain and thinking about life’s problems whilst you run, you know things like stress, problems and that guy you liked that never liked you back for some shallow inexplicable reason. That run which was meant to make you feel empowered ends up feeling a punishment or even a chore.

But whilst doing zumba I did not think about a single thing, in fact I was smiling like a major geek- like those cheshire cats? I was having too much fun, I felt like I was in a club and all the girls around me were super beautiful and flexible. I was in a different world- I sweated a lot too which means I must have been doing something right.

The class was for 45 minutes, the belly dance was the most enjoyable part for me- in fact I never felt so sexy in my life working my abs and hips like that. Most of all, walking out after it- I felt so good! I felt like I really did a good intense work out and for those 45 minutes I did not think about a single thing which was a great escape. I am looking forward to my next zumba class, in fact my girlfriend is coming with me. I even treated myself to a little crop this weekend so I can see some results after a few weeks.

I officially love zumba!


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