She went to New York

Last month I decided to do a totally random trip to New York- I am quite random, FYI. I was like, I haven’t been to New York as an adult and my friend while he was skiing in the alps somewhere, asked me to meet him in NYC- I thought, yeah you know what- let’s book these crazy expensive flights that I cannot afford and do this. What have I got to lose? Besides my ever sinking bank balance.

I am quite a fan of travelling alone but NYC seemed a little daunting-

1. It’s not exactly a Eurostar away from home

2. It’s NYC- it’s so big, it’s quite intimidating even for a tall girl. I will always choose London over New York but I just had to see for myself to what I was missing out on.

One cannot compare NY to London- they both are completely different in many ways. I time sqlanded at midnight, after a horrendous journey which consisted of forty minutes of turbulence. But all that was forgotten as soon as I got in the cab from JFK to Manhattan, the city lights were glittering, the sky scrapers were tall and the night was fabulous. I was in complete awe, I mean in London the only time you see huge buildings is in Canary Wharf and to be honest, I don’t really want to go to Canary Wharf so this was amazing. I know we have the Shard but seriously, how many times can one go to the Shard- I still get excited when I go to their bathroom by the way. Londoners will know what I am talking about- the walls are big see through windows and you have the view of London whilst you apply a pretty beige colour on to your pout.

I was staying a ten minute walk from Central Park which truly was magnificent and huge! Unfortunately, I did not manage to walk across the whole park since it was 4 degrees but on a summer’s day I am sure it would have been divine.park

The main purpose of my trip to be honest, was to check out the restaurants, the shopping and the night life. I can definitely say New York does good food and they certainly do fine dining exceptionally well. I am a girl, who probably has watched Sex and the City buthroughout University perhaps fifteen times so I was more than eager to try out Buddakan located in the meat packing district. For all you non Sex and the City fans, Buddakan is the restaurant where Carrie Bradshaw has her engagement party to Mr. Big so obviously, I just had to drag my friend there. But we loved it! The interior was magnificent

One thing about Manhattan is, you walk a lot and I mean a lot. You eventually get a hang of the ‘blocks’ and ‘avenues’, as a woman who is addicted to a little bit of retail therapy, 5th avenue was a dream but the tax prices were a nightmare so be wary of that.

brooklynWe also did the tourist things, the museums, the Lincoln centre, the Empire state building and Brooklyn bridge. The Empire state building was my favourite trip, I must say- I went at mid night to avoid the queues and personally, I wanted to see the skyline at night. I felt like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, when she goes up on the lift at midnight to find Tom Hanks. Unfortunately, there was no Tom Hanks but the views were just epic, the Chrysler Building is a beauty.

What I love about Americans is they are super friendly, always smiling and want to know ‘How you are?’. I really felt at home there after the first day, the women want to know where you are from and the men are charming, direct and just super complimentary! I also found them quite tall there which is always a bonus. I never felt I couldn’t ask a question or directions because everyone seemed to be quite welcoming.

Let’s move on to the night life;

My favourite part actually- most of the clubs are on rooftops and not just ordinary rooftops, I mean super high indoor rooftops with views of the city. Some even have outdoor pools but the exciting ones are in the meat packing district, I was even more excited when I went out and I was on a lift in which Beyonce’s sister had her minor incident with Jay Z.. yes, I am pathetic like that.

Overall, the night scene is quite fun! Especially after the party is over instead of heading to Maroush for a shawarma we would got for a big slice of pizza like the New Yorkers. I feel like the night ends here around 3am but there you could easily carry on till 6 …especially if you are 21 but I rather be in my comfy bed with a face mask tucked in like a little bear by 2 please.

plazaWhilst my friend was working hard during the day, I went to the Plaza for afternoon tea. That hotel is super glamorous and the service was so friendly. We had all sorts of people there, the business men, the families and yours truly, the little tourist.It reminded me of the Dorchester being so close to the park-


New York is a city where you can’t run out of things to do or run out of places to eat- most evenings we tried all sorts of restaurants and that is why I have put on perhaps ten kilos because I feel like a big cupcake now but I have to say it was worth it. Cipriani New York was my favourite though, it’s my fave in London too because the service is always outstanding as well as the food.

Seven days went way too fast and I am sure I will go there again but I did miss London a little bit. London may not have the huge sky scrapers or not be as big as New York but there is something about a place where your friends and family are, where you know the streets well and the madness that comes with it. But thank you NYC for spoiling your London girl really well-


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