4 types of Girlfriends a Girl must have

My girlfriends are a big part of my world, I don’t know what I would do without them at times. Travelling a lot as a kid didn’t help me maintain a lot of childhood friends but in the past decade I have met some really inspiring and beautiful individuals. Life is great in the city but it is even better when you have a good support system backing you and cheering you on at any hour of the day. Here are my top four MUST have girlfriends

  1. The school friend;

This girl has seen you way before you ever knew how to put on decent make up, she has seen you in that horrible pale blue eye shadow wearing stage- you used to speak all day about your crushes and how you were going to cope with your next dreaded math test. She knows your family, your habits and all your flaws. You may not see much of her because you most likely live in different cities but you know she is there for you 100 per cent at any time of the day. It’s funny how this girl hasn’t met anyone in my life in the city but she can always tell straight from the beginning if something is good for me or not- sometimes you need a blunt friend to be honest with you for your own good and sooner or later her advice becomes addictive that you pester her with pictures of your dresses in changing rooms so you can finally pick one to buy!


  1. The ‘angelic’ friend:

I don’t mean this girl has to an angel but this girl is like what you call, ‘home’. She is smacupc1rt, intelligent and has a really big heart. In my case, she is quite sexy too- This girl has no agenda and is not fussy about anything. She is just there for you, whatever you chose- whether it is the holidays you chose or the restaurants you pick for your next catch up. This girl will never let you down, especially on your birthday- she will make you feel like the important princess you are always. Whether you have a fall out with someone or break up with your useless boyfriend, she will be there for you probably with a bottle of Laurent Perrier (my fave)- she is quite protective of you and will always makes sure you are safe. This why I refer to her, as an ‘angel’


  1. Your city Gal:

This one is super glamorous and you have so much in common- you may not speak much during the day because of your busy life styles but the weekend was made for you both. You both can 13129901_635930956562133_67782479_nrock up anywhere and be treated like the princesses that you are. My city girl, always inspires me because she is so strong emotionally and challenges me intellectually when we speak about life whether it is about work or men that I always feel much stronger after seeing her. You probably have the same taste in holidays, fashion and food so end up spending a lot of time together(and a lot of money eeeeek )and you know for sure you both are always going to have so many perfect Instagram moments. She always has your back no matter what and that is why you value her.


  1. The Big sister:

She already has done the crazy and cool things way before you, so you always look to her for guidance on absolutely anything. You kind of look up to her because you think wow, she is super cool because she has everything- she is quite generous too, always spoiling you with grand presents or fine dining meals. She has a sophisticated look on life so like your school friend, you become addicted to her advice. She understands where you are coming from because she was the same girl when she was your age- this girl is a diamond because she has no patience for phonies and always will keep you to down to earth


So there you have it folks, my top 4 girlfriends a girl must have in her life. We meet so many people on a daily basis, whether at the gym or in the bathroom at a bar whilst re applying our faded lip stick but not many are there for the hard times. Life is short and you want to spend it with someone who is real rather than meeting a hundred acquaintances who offer nothing but fake conversation. This is why I love my girlfriends and most importantly, taking photos with them- so one day I can show my ‘future’ kids that ‘yep, that is your sassy mom with her her sassy girlfriends back in the day and we always had an epic time…’chamoagne

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