Legendary Lashes Charlotte Tilbury-Review

As a make up addict, I go around collecting mascaras because like every other girl- I need to have big flirty fluttery eye lashes. I find it hard nowadays, as a woman with dark features to find a really black mascara so I was keen on getting my hands on this one.

I had heard about the legendary lashes mascara  by Charlotte Tilbury a few months ago but was a little hesitant with it being a bit pricey at £25.00 but YOLO, I just had to have it especially with its sophisticated royal gold packaging.

I won’t waste any time in telling you guys that this mascara is worth every single penny. I tried it on at Harrods and I fell in love instantly. It is is everything I wanted, really black and dramatic! Even though it is a little out of my budget, I will repurchase it- even my mother has fallen in love and has demanded I bring her back one

Pictures below;


Pretty Gold Packaging 10//10


After three coats of Mascara


Sky high lashes!



Left eye no mascara whatsoever but check out the right eye with CT mascara

I definitely give the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary mascara a 10/10, it is just perfect for that really black bold look. I would love to know what my beauty fans think of this mascara so please let me know!




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