Park Chinois for my Birthday

We had the pleasure of holding my main birthday dinner at Park Chinois located on Berkeley street in London. I think it has been open for more than a year at least, you can’t miss the red alluring exterior whilst heading into Mayfair.

They have two seating areas- upstairs and the club/dining room downstairs which we chose for the occasion. Not sure why but as we were seated I felt like I was in Paris- dim lighting, classy gold interior and staff dressed in elegant attire. We were told the table we had was booked for two hours but they were kind enough to let us wine and dine till we wanted to leave since were a big group and it was my birthday.

I have to say they were very accommodating- if me and my friends had any questions they were there to answer, our wine was flowing and the music wasn’t too loud either. If you are looking for a luxurious restaurant, tasty Chinese on a Saturday that has a bit of a club feel- then this is it- I have lived in London for many years and this was refreshing with its opulent decor and glamorous atmosphere.
The crowd was very mixed  (glamorous chic)- some couples or big groups of either women or men enjoying their weekend.

Let’s get down to the most important part- the food. The menu consists of a large variety- we ate a lot and I mean we ate a lot. I went for the dim sum (my absolute fave) and I enjoyed them all- there is a very good variety for you vegetarians as well -my two vegetarian besties will definitely agree to that.
Not to be big headed but my friends were really impressed with my choice- in fact they can’t wait to go back. I think I went back there a few weeks ago with another friend and this time had the chocolate soufflé for dessert which was heavenly. We did rack up a bill but it was worth every single penny-I would say roughly with everything  we spent each like £100 per person (wines, cocktails, mains and desserts)p2
If you want luxury, good service and delicious mouth watering Chinese then this is the one. And I mean it! We ended the night with their special espresso martini which definitely set us for the night-
Park Chinois is definitely my new favourite playground!



Park Chinois

17 Berkeley St



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