We love MNKY HSE!

I had one of my birthday dinners at MNKY house–

It is located at Dover street- past Green park station, the same street where the Arts Club is. The restaurant has two floors, the ground floor is a quiet ish yet spacious bar and downstairs is the main restaurant with another bar on the right-hand side.h7

If you want to know where London’s good looking and stylish people are, then yes they are here, I was quite impressed with the confident stylish men. Yes!

We were seated immediately at our table and started off with a bottle of red of course- the menu is South American fusion so we were very keen on ordering a bit of everything. The only slight downside was the table was only given to us for two hours, so we had to order everything in one go and they would bring out whatever was made first.

The atmosphere is very sexy, dark, club kind of a feel – they definitely are bringing back the dinner/dance vibe back in Mayfair. This is the kind of place I would go to for a pre party because you can eat, whilst you drink and perhaps dance if you are feeling it as they have a pretty good DJ getting the party started.

The food was good- as usual I ate a lot as did my friends- it was my birthday so they made an effort with a candle and a bit of a singing, ‘Happy birthday’- I honestly cannot complain, its nice to be centre of attention now and then 😉  I have already been back there twice.h5

The bar on the right hand side is quite a cool place to hang out. The bar tenders make an effort to listen to you and make your cocktails with extra care by focussing on all the details to make sure not only do they taste good but also look good. The interior is very modern but what I loved the most is their glowy cat walk hallway. One must definitely go there for a selfie- it is definitely something new!

I do recommend their cocktails, especially their signature cocktail MNKY business as it comes in quite a lovely glass with a big cube of ice-if you want a boogie as well as some decent food then make sure you hit MNKY house

And don’t forget to strut your stuff on the catwalk!



10 Dover street



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