Life after my mobile phone

Mobile phones, where would we be without them? They can do almost everything for you these days and we depend on them for so much, perhaps far too much.

You see it on the street, in the shops, sometimes annoyingly in the cinema too that sky3everybody’s attached to their phone looking like they are dealing with something urgent. But usually you can see them flicking through their whatsapp conversations, Instagram or their face book news feed. Sometimes I even see couples sitting across each other just checking their phones not even speaking to one another.

I am always on my phone whilst I am out. I don’t know why either (tagging my friends in annoying cat memes probably) I thought I had to break this vicious cycle because I was starting to feel that my phone owned me. I had this irrational need to reply to every message I got which was starting to give me anxiety so I thought why not leave my phone home every time I go out? I mean what’s the worst that could happen.

I thought of excuses like what if someone really needed me- but then I thought my loved ones would know how to reach me anyways. Then I was like, OK but what if there was an emergency and I need my phone but then I thought people back in the day survived without their mobiles and I sure as hell survived at 15 when I didn’t have one. So I decided to leave it alone one day and just get on with it.

So crazy right?

I have to admit I am actually having a nicer time without my mobile phone. I am listening to my friends when I am with them and appreciate all their endearing facial expressions that come with the conversation.  sky2My tube journey was when I would catch up on social media but now I am now catching up on my reading and instead of taking pictures of my delicious lasagna I actually get to eat it…whilst its warm.

I was reading all these studies online on how millennials are always on their phones and it made me ask myself why? I still remember when I went to Ibiza and I dropped my phone in the ocean whilst taking pictures and my reaction when it wouldn’t turn on. There were tears, there was sulking and so much anger! My £700 phone gone forever! Looking back now I realise it wasn’t such a big deal because I was on holiday and I still had a good time even though my phone refused to work.

It’s just so much nicer to catch up with friends or family face to face instead texting back and forth all the time. I honestly thought I would have a panic attack without my phone but I really didn’t- However, I did miss the camera, not going to lie. I do love a good insta moment- but it’s just so much nicer to capture a sunset with your own eyes rather behind your camera’s lens.

I think the mobile phone has become a security blanket hasn’t it? A lot of people nowadays like to appear important maybe feel needed, so they’ll keep their phone in their hands whilst waiting for the bus or if they are at a bar waiting for someone to avoid any awkwardness. Yes one may be busy or need to be reached by a phone call but if it is 9pm on a Saturday and you are out with friends and you can’t put your phone away then something isn’t right.

I think mobile phones are great but going forward I will only be using them to make plans or to talk and to take selfies, of course! Life’s just a lot more beautiful with eye contact and actually living in the moment.


P.S My new pretty pink Iphone 6S case (pictured on the top right) is from TOPSHOP for £18.00

The glitter moves around- so girly

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