Running around town in Nike Flyknit!

Don’t you just hate it when your favourite running shoes are ruined forever? I had a cute pair but sadly their time was up; so last month I was on a mission to find the perfect running shoes. I never really do my homework when it comes to sporty gear so decided to ask my brother for help since I am such a girly girl. So I was quite glad when I forced him to go shopping with me otherwise I would have walked out with yet another pink pair.

I explained to him that I wanted something specifically for running not to mention my dance classes during the week and I really wanted a pair that looked cute too. He suggested we get me some Nike Free RN Flyknit, he has a few pairs so I thought may as well try them out for myself.

They were for £105.00 but that’s OK I mean you want a pair that is decent and going to last you for a good amount of time. I have had them now for just about three weeks and I have used them quite a lot and I can honestly say so far so good. Running in them is more than comfortable and I like how they are so easy to move around in which is what they are designed to do. The fit for me personally is great, I definitely feel like the modern Cinderella with her perfect shoe!

Not only are they super light, flexible- they also look pretty good. You can get them in different colours of course but I got them in black so I could wear them often with all my gym outfits. I have a tendency of hanging about in my gym clothes over the weekend so I thought may as well get some black running shoes to complete look. I even wore them to brunch last weekend and it felt great, especially when you want a break from heels.

Of all the running shoes, I have had, these are the best. I honestly feel like I am walking on comfy pillows. This is probably the foam they have at the bottom, the white bit of the shoe. I also like how the top of the shoe has these little circle shaped holes which allow your feet to breathe, Nike really was thinking about all sorts of details when making this pair…and us girls, well we are always thinking about the details! The fact that they are so light, they are great for carrying around in your gym bag or whatever which is pretty convenient for you girls on the go. The last thing you want is a chunky pair to carry around-

Running in them is a fantastic experience, everything feels a lot easier and I guess that is because they are quite bendy. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new year running pair! Here is the link if you want them too;



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