To call or not to call?

I remember being 14/15 and literally spending all my free time on my phone- just talking to my friends for hours and hours about what annoying homework we had that week and the new Josh Hartnett movie we just had to see. Then you got a little bit older and you got your first boyfriend and you would spend all night talking to him about absolutely nothing or watch MTV’s Catfish together till one of you fell asleep (Don’t pretend you didn’t used to do that too

Then as teenagers we got our first mobile phones (a pink samsung flip phone in my case LOL) and calls became into texting and texting became into whats appingI was having dinner with a dear friend last weekend and he and I were discussing how nobody actually calls each other anymore, unless it was urgent and I mean really urgent.

It makes sense really- we aren’t in high school anymore and we are pretty busy so it is easier to reach each other via email or text but I don’t know I have always felt that there is something special about a phone call. It does feel that phoning someone has become somewhat of a taboo; my male friends admit to never calling a girl because they don’t want to seem ‘creepy’ and girls don’t call guys nowadays because they don’t want to be labelled as ‘crazy’ either

Which to me all just sounds a tad bit insane! Let me explain why-

I quite like it when my friends call me instead of texting back and forth where to meet and
what time, it just makes everything a lot easier and faster. I don’t have an issue with texting, some people are shy and a typed up text is an easier way to express themselves but if the text is interpreted in a wrong way then it can also pretty much ruin things (happens to me ALL the time lol)

There is just something a lot more meaningful with a phone call, hearing someone’s voice; whether it is your mom  calling up on to check  up on you or your partner calling you to tell you that he/she misses you. I mean a phone call can go either way really- either you make quick plans or you end up talking for absolute ages and there are no misunderstandings.

A ‘Hi, How are you?’ text with a boring emoticon can be a nice gesture but I think a phone call with your voice asking how someone is, is far more endearing. I love it when my phone rings and it is a girlfriend calling to tell me some juicy gossip or even better some guy who you exchanged numbers with because I think whilst my phone is flashing that OK he’s confident- I like it.

But maybe I am just old fashioned and prefer a ring then the same old ‘What you upto?’ text. It’s just a thought