My night time skin care products I am lovin’

Long time no post but I finally had some time to write up on my favourite night time  skin care products that I feel are a must on your dressing table. I know it is so annoying after a long day or an evening out to come home and take off all your make up but this stuff  is so important after all that polluted air and in reality it literally only takes me fifteen minutes every night. Below are my faves;

1. Sephora’s Miscellar Water (Eau micellaire demaquillante)


This is by far the best make up cleanser I have ever used. I wear make up most days and this is a saviour! With just one stroke with a cotton pad (from Boots) and all my make up is gone. I do wash my face after which gives me panda eyes and with just one swipe under my eyes all my mascara and  liner is gone. So I got mine from Paris and keep topping it up whenever my French friends go to Paris for the weekend, not sure if it is available here but in euros it is 13.95

2.   Lancome Tonique Doucer with Rose water-


Oh wow, I have been using this for a few months now and this is just beaut. This so hydrating after a long day! Toners are so important to minimise pores and smaller pores means less toxins settling in your skin. This also helps remove any little make up which may be left on your face. I am a big believer in if you take the time to put on all that make up then you gotta make the time to take it all off. This is great, a little pricey but I will definitely buy again.

£36.00 (400ml)

3. Nivea creme


Ah this is a classic. I don’t believe you have to have the most expensive moisturiser! It really just depends on what suits your skin and as a kid I have been slathering this on my face generously. It is rich and creamy and just reminds me of my childhood so I am going to stick to it. Really moisturising and always a winner. Available at most stores! Me and my whole fam are obsessed with it


4. Shiseido benefiance eye cream


I have been using this one for a year now and I absolutely love it. The packaging is so cute and feels so luxurious against your skin- it just glides on. The best part is you don’t even need a lot; you perhaps need a drop of it under your eye and it is enough to go round. Ok, so it is a little pricey but it will last you absolute ages! I bought mine in New York and our love affair is still going strong so it is a winner in my books.