My 5 Fashion Must-haves

I can honestly say at 21, I had no style- I dressed like a dork. Not to mention all those cookies and cakes I was eating, they weren’t helping. I blame it on my Masters’ and all those late snacks to keep me awake whilst writing my never-ending dissertation. I think as a woman grows older, she discovers what suits, what doesn’t suit and finally (yes it does happen) we get more comfortable in our skin.
Now I am no fashionista, I don’t really have the time to research what looks good on me nor am I keen on studying the latest trends. During the week, you’ll catch me in pencil skirts and heels and on the weekends I will be rocking those sheer leggings with a bit of Adidas (I can’t resist) I thought I’d share in a short post, my 5 fashion items I cannot live without since a lot of people have been asking me lately.

1. A sexy pair of heels
Yes I know flats are comfy bla bla bla but wear a decent pair of heels and when you walk in a room, you’ll own it. Something about heels that make me stand up better, strut better- dance better! Seriously! I know starting out in heels is tough but practice makes better. I used to wear heels in my apartment and just walk around, whilst hoovering and now it’s just second nature. Now I know my tall gals will be like, ‘No I don’t want to be anymore taller’. But seriously who cares what others thinks? You look model esque and for the photos, just get your friends to sit down for the photo op or something. Better yet, get a solo photo

2.The Blazer

I can’t live without them- I have them in black, navy and for the summer I really need one in white. I wear it to work, evening drinks, hell I wear mine out on a Sunday stroll on King’s Road. I pair it with some jeans or a dress. I love my blazers! I would die for them! They just add a classic touch to your ordinary outfit. I remember being a kid and trying on all my Dad’s blazers, I was always fascinated- Invest in a really good one and you will certainly look like you mean business.


3. The Little Black dress
How cliched coffeedoll! Yes I know, but honestly my black dress can save any day. Whether I am feeling super bloated or feeling super fab about my body- I know my little black dress will always be a winner. Black will always make me look slim, 2. Everybody loves black, can’t go wrong really and 3. It’s perfect for whatever occasion! Parties, birthdays, a date with a fine gentlemen. I mean whatever, this is a winner! Mine is sleeveless strappy and knee length and I love

4. The Red lipstick (Rouge allure baby)
This is a funny one- when I was a teen red lipstick never suited me. But as I get older, OmG I love! It’s just so beautiful- I think the colour red is quite bold so it suits more women than it does girls. It was just two years ago, one of my best friends gave me the Chanel Rouge Allure for my birthday and I would save it for special occasions- Now I wear it whenever I feel like it (which is a lot) I feel so chic with it! I can wear a plain outfit, keep my make up minimum and put on some red on my lips and it will brighten up any look. Take time finding your perfect shade, my skin colour is quite tanned and golden so I opt for deeper reds than the brighter ones.


5. Big Diva Sunglasses
A few years ago, I was heading out to lunch with an older friend of mine- someone I look up to. She pops on her sunglasses and is like, ‘I can’t believe people leave the house without their sunglasses’. Thinking to myself, I was like what is she on about? We live in England, the sun doesn’t come out often- but boy, was I wrong…
Regardless of a big bright St tropez sun or not, a girl should always have a decent pair of sun glasses, something that suits her face well. Mine are life saving-If I don’t want to put on make up, I hide behind them. If I want to avoid someone when I am out during the day, I hide behind them- if I am hungover…guess what? I hide behind them. I mean I love mine, they are a bit heavy and futuristic but boy, do I love them. Mine go with everything, in fact I want another pair but waiting for the right frame to show up.

So there we go, my 5 must haves! I have to say, I don’t believe in spending a fortune on these items. It doesn’t have to be designer to look good and I am a firm believer of that- some of my stuff sometimes are from topshop and uniqlo! Yes of course some items are worth investing in but I will usually save that for something I really want. Remember you can always look good with a £5.00 lipstick or a £50.00 lipstick; it’s all about what suits you and most importantly what makes you feel good.