5 reasons why you should go on holiday with your Mom

Sounds crazy I know but I recently went on holiday with my mother and had a great time (I know right). Obviously, it wasn’t a holiday which consisted of popping bottles but I couldn’t have thought of any other person better to enjoy Rome with. We walked a lot, ate a lot (mostly her watching me eat a lot) and I can confidently confirm she is really a cool person -but here are my top 5 reasons why you should go on holiday with your mom…at least once.

1. She always looks out for you
You feel sick on the plane, guess who has paracetamol in her purse that you wouldn’t even have thought of packing? Your mom. You need tissue papers because you eat ice cream like a toddler on the street, guess who has a magical supply? Mom. You forgot your mascara but your mom didn’t obviously so you can easily just grab hers! Sharing make up is gross but with the woman who made you, it makes no difference!

2. You and her are most likely to have the same taste in destinations, restaurants and so on.
Couples or groups of friends are not likely to enjoy similar tastes, you may like Monaco and yachts but your friend may like backpacking. You may like beach time rose parties, they may like drinking cider in a tent- better to go on holiday with someone who wants to do the same things to avoid bickering and awkward moments. Mom and I enjoyed so many fabulous later dinners in Rome, rooftop tea times and gelatos during the day, it was so easy to choose activities because we knew what we wanted from our girly break. Win win!18579514_321291064956263_7446142826359816192_n

3. You learn so much about her (as a friend)
Sometimes I forget she was a woman my age! You get so used to only seeing her as a mother since she was always over protective but as you get older you find yourself talking to each other about life, the cute boy that just walked past and that lip stick she must buy from Sephora. She has plenty of wisdom to share with you and you start wondering, ‘Why didn’t I listen to her before..’

4. She will take the best pictures- because she knows your best angles
So shallow but you know this is true. I know so many girls who will beg you to take pictures of them and make you bring out your inner professional photographer, but when it is your turn she will quickly take a blurry one with your mouth half open and when you ask for another one; she will come out with, ‘Cmon, people are watching- it’s embarrassing!’ Like it wasn’t embarrassing enough when I took 50 pictures of you for your instant gratification on your Instagram page. But Mom’s no, they would never do that! She thinks of the bigger picture, she’s not jealous- she is your biggest cheerleader and will make sure her baby looks damn good! Thanks Mama bear


5. No boy drama
Some girls have a tendency to bring the baggage with them, ‘why didn’t he call?’ or ‘he’s calling too much’ but with your mom you don’t have to worry about that at all, everyone is present in time and no ones checking their phones. She may nag you and ask you what’s going on with your life once but after that we can all move on and focus on sightseeing and shopping… which is why we came on holiday anyways, hello!

In conclusion, I really enjoyed making my mother happy-  sometimes we forget all the sacrifices our parents made for us whilst we were growing up since we get so busy with our own lives. She’s already planning her next adventure with me and I don’t mind because I can happily say now, she’s also one of my girlfriends but don’t tell her that! 😉