The couple next door- book review time

My usual Sunday stroll starts at about 10 am- the first stop is my usual cappuccino from my local Pret followed by a trip to my local Waterstones. Reading has been an obsession of mine since I was a little girl, collecting books and falling in love with characters. C’mon girls, you gotta read time to time- it can’t be all insta and shopping. They have a really good deal at the moment, ‘buy one get one half price’ so obviously I was over the moon. The first book I picked up was ‘The couple next door’ by Shari Lapena.the

So for starters I bought this book Sunday morning and I finished it the next evening at midnight- Clearly this is an indication to how addicted I was to it! The book follows a couple called Anne and Marco who are going through a tough time with their new baby, marital problems with each other and of course issues with the couple next door.

I won’t go into the details but Marco and Anne decide to leave their six month old daughter asleep in their house whilst they have dinner at the couple next door’s house- thinking the baby would be OK as they would check in every half hour(like seriously why would you do that? Can someone call social services sil vous plait) but the child goes missing by midnight. What keeps you turning pages like a maniac is your curiosity for who took the damn baby? Is it a stranger? a kidnapper? the baby sitter? or did the mother Anne kill the baby herself since she has had mental health problems in the past.

What I liked most about Shari’s style is her ability to give the characters a lot of depth and layers, you really learn more about them the deeper you get into the book. The author has really taken her time to create tension throughout, I personally couldn’t predict at all to what happened to their child or the ending for that matter. As soon as you start trusting one of the characters, you realise actually you can’t trust anyone (lol like real life hey)

If you are looking for a good thriller which keeps you on an edge then I suggest picking up a copy or borrowing mine. You will definitely get lost in another world, a stressful world where a mother is desperate to find her only baby and a husband who has lost all control. I am just sad I finished it so soon, now I am just waiting for my bestie to tell me she has finished reading it too before I end up spoiling it for her!