Beauty post: YAG laser- My experience

Last year I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in laser-ing my legs because let’s face it, we girls spend hundreds of pounds on waxing/shaving every month and not only is it expensive on our bank accounts but painful too! Before I get hated on for promoting wanting to get rid of natural hair please note smooth legs is my own personal preference, if you don’t want to then stick to what makes you happy. However, for me silky smooth legs all day every day is a must!

For starters it isn’t cheap, so unless you are rolling in it  – you will have to save up. Most beauty salons ask for a full chunk paid in full or to be paid in two instalments- the closer you look in central London, the more extortionate the prices are in my opinion.

Now depending on what skin type you are you will be offered numerous types of laser. After extensive research (which is a must ladies, do go to a professional only) reading a ton of reviews, going back and forth discussing it with a close girlfriend, I went for the YAG

YAG is great if you are golden, beige or brown (e.g Arabic, Indian and dark skin) I would be described as skin type 4 therefore it made perfect sense to go with this route. The YAG is known for fast results, effective for body hair and targets the roots, it freakin burns them. But in a good way, so smile!

If you go for this option, you will be asked to stop waxing or epilating for about 5 weeks because the root of your hair needs to exist. This was the worst part for me, I am not a shaving person, my skin is so sensitive and rubbing razors made it so uncomfortable. When you walk into your appointment you have to make sure the area you want is hair free and clean and also ensure you have no moisturisers on as that can cause burns or pigmentation.

Then the doctor/assistant will draw lines with a white pencil, section of where she will be laser ing, next thing you do is put on some black goggles so the laser doesn’t go into your eyes. I was quite confident when I walked in thinking this is going to be easy peazy- but it feels like hot pinches the first time, you will smell burned roots too, your skin will go red and it will look like you have red pimples on some parts of the skin but that means it is working.

It lasted about forty five minutes for my legs, but then I didn’t really see hair for three weeks which got me really excited. You are meant to have between 6 to 8 sessions, so after the second session- wow I barely saw any hair. I am currently now on my 5th session and I cannot remember the last time I shaved my legs. Obviously, you have to shave before your appointment (24 hours to be precise) but I literally have nothing to shave anymore.

Obviously, this is not going to be permanent- I will only have to go for a top up session once every six months or a year if that! but I rather have that then spend £100 on waxing every month. Being a girl is expensive and I rather save that £100.00 towards buying a nice house, despite being a milliennial and living in this current economy that is going to make it almost impossible but I damn will try.

So there you have it folks, personally I am having a positive experience and I cannot believe I did not invest it in earlier! I love the fact that I can wear a skirt whenever I want, go swimming when I want- go on a last minute holidays. Most importantly, it has done wonders for my confidence and that was the key thing for me.

Now some do’s and don’ts

  • Do your research and get others opinions before you try a clinic for laser out
  • Do have a thorough consultation before signing up to anything
  • Do ensure they are certified to practice- don’t look for cheap deals, only go to professionals
  • Do a patch test before starting anything to see how your skin reacts
  • Do go to the Doctor asap if your skin is still feeling really hot after your session
  • Do wear loose clothing after your session, say no to leggings or jeans that evening
  • Do apply aloe vera for some cooling


  • Don’t apply creams or moisturisers before your laser sessions
  • Don’t wax, epilate or pluck the hairs in between, the roots need to exist for the laser to work
  • Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see much change after 1-3 sessions, the hair grows back but is usually dead- let them fall out themselves.
  • Don’t let your doctor or beautician blame you for a mistake on their part, always take pictures if they burn your skin for evidence.
  • Laser can cause itchiness so don’t ever scratch the area- just apply some aloe vera gel on top