Gloria Ristorante – Brunch

7E79D2E9-99CC-4008-8258-3742052A3B78An enchanting looking restaurant with aesthetics that just beg for pictures, I personally do not see many restaurants that look like this in this part of London so I was very happy to try something new in the heart of Shoreditch. 

Gloria is an experience as soon as you walk through the main door; I think I may have even ran to the entrance from the cab, I was that excited!  You are greeted by a luxurious marble bar as soon as you enter and on your right hand side you have the main dining room. Now being a frequent visitor and a fan of Italy, I simply can’t resist Italian decor, style and Italian taste. You honestly feel you are in a charming little restaurant in a quiet part of Capri but without the sunshine of course.

Let’s start with the decor, it is made for instagram- think ceilings covered in pink flowers and a tree in the middle with tables surrounding. Crisp pastel table cloths and big windows so lots of natural light too. The crockery so colourful and vibrant that you just wish you could take home, seriously where can I buy such plates? I would say it is something along the lines of a Maiolica feel, very rarely seen in London.

I had the scrambled eggs with truffle placed on a fluffy brioche, they were quite generous with the truffle  (yay!) alongside a creamy cappuccino with oat milk. For dessert, it was quite the easy decision to order the stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup, reminding me very much of the pancakes I would eat in the States or the ones my Dad would make on a weekend. I am a bit picky about my pancakes and I have to say, these are one of the best in London. Check out the pictures;

The cost 

The bill for three mains and coffees came between (£42-£50) Money well spent. I find at times in London usually cutesy venues with a nice atmosphere are quite pricey (unreasonably) but this was really wallet friendly and I am already looking forward to going there again to try their dinner menu.

I was quite happy with the location- it’s so nice to see a picturesque looking restaurant in Shoreditch. As a Londoner I can find heading to the West a bit tedious, especially when you’ve seen it like 1 gazillion times so I really enjoyed discovering this little place. I hope we see more fabulous restaurants all across London this year! Let me know in my comments if any of you have been there recently and what you thought of it 🙂

The address:

54-56 Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3QR

Closest tube:

Old street or Shoreditch High Street



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