Mandarin Oriental London afternoon tea

One of my dear friends is getting married next week so she decided to host her hen afternoon tea party at the grand Mandarin oriental London- cakes, a majestic hotel and scones are a perfect way to spend a girly Saturday, so no complaints from me. 

As you enter the hotel you are asked to make your way upstairs and make a sharp left into the Rosebery lounge where you are greeted by a welcoming host. The service here is the first thing that caught my attention, a very friendly and helpful staff which is one of the most important aspects for any dining experience.

We started off with the sandwiches, rolled up instead of cut up in tiny slices- my man7particularly favourite one was the egg with black truffle, absolutely delightful which meant I did ask for a second round..(typical me) This was followed by the highlight of my afternoon, the scones! and the very pretty little cakes. The cakes were beautifully presented, every table seems to have a branch next to it where the cake/scones are hung on- so it kind of looks like a mini tree with cakes hanging underneath. Definitely insta worthy, ladies

Overall, the atmosphere was very homely, with an amazing fireplace warming us up with views of typical Knightsbridge i.e Harvey Nichols & luxurious cars.

We had the traditional afternoon tea which was £53.00 per person- and then continued our celebrations with some Ruinart, pink of course!

Address: 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA

Now for the pictures, are you ready?




Food Diary- this time we take it to Paris…

I keep meaning to blog more but I just can’t seem to find the time lately- However, I just had my birthday in Paris(yay!)  and everyone kept asking me where I dined this time since we all know I am such a foodie so I thought I would quickly share where my friends and I went. I ate a lot as usual but hey what’s new? 🙂 

Le Berkeley

We had a fabulous long lunch at Le Berkeley which is not far from the Champs, the inside bit looks like a library with the cutest staircase which leads to another floor and the ladies room but we had the pleasure of sitting in the outdoor section so a lot of sunlight which I loved!

The menu has a bit of everything, a very European menu obvs- I had a very delicious big burger whilst my friends had a risotto and as for desserts a giant tiramisu as well as a very warm chocolate cake with silky smooth vanilla ice cream. The portions were very generous which made the fatty (me) very very happy. The crowd is also sophisticated, elegant and business like so that made the experience even better for us. It’s literally like five minutes from the champs so if you want to do some shopping too then you are not far off! Perfect location

Address; 7, avenue Matignon, 75008 PARIS.


Hotel Costes

I have been going to Hotel Costes for dinner for a few years now, there is something about this place that keeps a girl coming back. We had my birthday dinner part one here, we had the duck, chicken and heavenly mashed potatoes. It is definitely a place to be seen (if you are into that) or bump into celebrities, everyone is extremely well dressed- a perfect venue to start your evening. For desserts we indulged in the pavlova and ice cream- if you want to enjoy nice food, a dinner dance experience and a special night then this is the place to go to. I just wish I could afford to stay at the place for a weekend as the hotel is absolutely stunning with their dark red interior…but hey a girl can dream 😦 I definitely recommend their cheesecake too! Please note they take reservations for dinner two days before the day you wish to dine via telephone (not three or one, just two)

Address; 239-241 Rue Saint-Honore – 75001 Paris



Pershing Hall

Dinner part two was held at Pershing Hall, this is quieter setting but again a sophisticated crowd. The ceiling is high and covered by glass so you feel like you are sitting in the middle of a terrace but with all the warmth of course which is amazing since generally I am always freezing. The back wall is covered in green leaves which makes it look like some garden like wall along with some romantic low dim light setting. The service is on top form, we ordered and the food came asap like literally- we had the block cod, salad covered in truffle oil and lobster. For our sweet tooth we had the sorbet (again) and cheesecake, which was super filling! FYI we also reserved our table in advance

Address; 49 Rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris



Also on a personal note I had the best birthday ever and I honestly mean the BEST! Celebrating being older in one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world was the best present ever and Paris has always been good to me, the city has always made me feel at home- so feeling very grateful ❤

Now looking forward to all the Christmas dinners and hopefully some new trendy restaurants to try out in the new year…I’ll keep you posted of course 🙂

Love xx


My fave go to food spots- London

Eating is one of my hobbies- as my friends would know too well. Dieting and behaving is a foreign concept as food is the highlight of my day, I think about what I am going to eat all the time! I guess one has to know what’s good out there especially if they are a useless cook themselves, sorry but as if I want to get in to a kitchen and start cutting up ingredients after a long day and then do the dishes, seriously just no. Life’s too short for that and why am I going to tire myself out in the kitchen when I can make some sweet reservations….

  1. Zefi (Mediterranean) 

I’ve been going to Zefi for years, I may as well have grown up there- the food is always fresh and in giant portions (perfect for a fatty like myself) My favourite is their beef lasagna, I may have eaten possibly 100 in my life but they are just so delicious! They have a good cocktail menu too. Now I don’t like salads but their salads are huge and beautiful, not to mention very filling. What I love most about Zefi is their service, always welcome you with a smile, ask you how’s your day and ensure you have a pleasant time. If you go there make sure you get the cheesecake too- it is the best cheese cake of my life! (just look how the dog is eyeing up my cheesecake in the picture below…he’s cute but I wasn’t up for sharing tbh)

2. Franco Manca (Italian)

My addiction. This is my number one pizza place. I would say I have never tasted anything like it- they only serve pizza there so if you are on your leaf eating diet then you may as well pass. This pizza is so soft, it melts in your mouth! One of my girlfriends is Italian and even she admits this is the best pizza of her life. I have no complaints except for the long queues that you may get stuck in Wednesday on wards for dinner- there is no reservation policy so first come first served but like all good things, the wait is worth it 😉 Not expensive at all, a perfect treat and sometimes the guys will make you heart shaped pizzas as well, makes my day..

3. Granger and Co (Australian)

An Australian place and an amazing menu- their brunch is their speciality especially those ricotta hotcakes. Again another place which does not take reservations but usually you get a table after 15 – 20 minutes. Locations are Chelsea, Notting hill, King’s Cross and Clerkenwell. A lot of healthy options with an amazing taste, loving their almond chais.

4. Maroush (Lebanese)

Another one of my faves- probably the best shawarma in the whole city. Seriously, what is their hummus made out of because it is so creamy. Most Maroush’s are open late so after a night out this is my guilty pleasure, like while I am out I am literally counting down the minutes when I can turn to my friends and be like is it shawarma time? The menu is amazing, the service is quick and I am totally obsessed with their smoothie fruit cocktail, so filling and sweet. This is actually my family’s favourite restaurant too, whenever they come to London usually the first stop is Maroush- oh that shish taouk  and tabbouleh! Prices are amazing, nothing crazy- it’s all reasonable 🙂 Complimentary baklava served at the end- what a generous touch!