4 things I’ll take with me in 2018

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is January 2018 already- time seems to be flying but I guess that’s what happens you’re a grown up. 2017 was an interesting year, looking back I made some changes, positive changes to be precise- cut out the bad but most of all I wanted to share what four things I would carry with me into the new year, as well as my favourite pass time of trying out new fabulous restaurants! So here it goes;

1. Making the time to read

I know this is one of the hardest things to make time for- especially if you are a busy individual and look forward to an evening of doing nothing for a change. I used to have such a passion for reading especially being a literature student and tried to rekindle that fire a few years ago. I now force myself once a month to hit the local Waterstones, buy a couple of best sellers, that’s the hardest the part- but then the next thing you know, I have finished them all in a week due to the excitement of what the next page holds! The Financial times has consumed my time a lot in the past few years, I make sure whilst I am on the tube I read it back to back- it reminds me of the days when my grand father used to make me read the paper to him, the more you read- the more you know. Not only am I up to date on current affairs but my vocab drastically improves as well. Win win

2. Investing in myself

I mean this mentally as well as physically- one should always feel good about themselves. There is always time to learn something new like a language, a cooking class perhaps or to try a new fashion trend, whatever it is just go for it!- For me it was getting laser all over my legs so I didn’t ever have to worry about waxing ever again, especially in the summer; not to mention it has done so much for my confidence…I mean I am always ready to slip into a skirt! No excuses- Silky smooth legs 24/7 was just a dream now it is a reality and now I just can’t wait for a beach vacay-bring on the sun sil vous plais. I will probably do a blog post on the types of laser when I am done, so watch out for that!

3. Working out

For me, my gym classes during the week are a must- not only to stay in shape but it has introduced to me a bunch of fabulous ladies of all ages who I can just be myself with. No make up, get to shake it like Beyonce and burn the calorific brunch I would have had on the weekends- it is one of the best feelings in the world. Running outside or doing classes at the gym gives you time to de stress it away not to mention I always feel much better even happier after a killer work out- we should take care of ourselves, not just to fit in that cute bandage dresses but to feel happier inside too- so lets those endorphin’s take over! If you aren’t going to take care of yourself, then who will?

4. Giving back

I wish I did this more often- in fact is is an objective of mine to do more charity in the new year. Find a charity you are passionate about or look into your local community to find out where you could help; I would like to make a difference, even if it is little… There are a lot of things we take for granted and it is OK to stop for a moment, to look around and see where you could help out; any little contribution goes a long way whether it is you spending your free time mentoring someone for their career/life or spending your weekly coffee allowance for children in need 🙂

So that’s it for now,  nothing major but look forward to keeping you up to date with what I eat, what I try out for a change and if I try any other cities besides Paris this year lol, I adore it what can I say






Life in West London & The big dream?

Everyone looks good, the coffee tastes expensive and most appear to be so happy but the more you live here the more you you learn that it is just a ‘perfect picture‘- Basically, it looks gorgeous but nobody knows what is going on underneath the surface. I come across so many personalities pretending to something that they are not, I know I have met my fair share of ‘investment banker’ wannabes who do everything else in a bank but investment banking , ‘super models of instagram’ whose face you never saw in a magazine or fashion week for that matter and of course the full time bloggers. For some reason these are the only three occupations I come across here not that there is anything wrong with it but it is the same thing, every single time.

It is OK to have big dreams and want a certain type of life style but it is important to be true to yourself along the way- when I first arrived in London as a very young girl in my dorky glasses, I was living in zone 4- sleeping in my cousins house because I just could not afford the rent in the ‘place to be zone 1‘.  I was literally commuting 45 minutes in the morning to work and in the evening, it was obviously a drag but I did not want to live beyond my means. Asking my parents for money was out of the question too because they gave me such a strong education and it was now my time to use it and be the independent woman my mother didn’t have the chance to be when she was my age. So anything I accomplish by myself is a blessing and it brings me a lot of happiness.

har1]I do love  West London though, the shopping is fabulous and I have a circle of the bestest friends a girl could ever have!  Secure, educated ladies who offer the most intellectual conversations, advice and look good in 5 inch heels but they are rare and they don’t live in the West sadly. I hate to say this but perhaps big cities are like that? it can’t all be giggles and champagne all the time. There are the opportunists, the wannabes and the insecure which used to cause me a lot of negativity but a lesson was learnt and now I take my time to trust.

For now, I love walking past by pretty white town houses, the well dressed families brunching on a Sunday and the red sole heels strutting the street but I can admit and say that it is not everything to me. I do have my moments where I miss conversations where people don’t talk about money, or how they only go to exclusive places but you never saw them there for yourself in all those years you’ve been going out yourself. I mean if somebody starts talking to me about their holidays again- I will cry. I was fortunate enough to travel the globe with my family so the last thing I want to know is about how you rented yet another yacht bla bla bla, it is always the same story. I guess what I am trying to say is humility is far more attractive-

In an ideal world I would say I would like to be drinking coffee, in that very cute coffee shop listening to how you face timed your mother today, talk about how she is doing?  or even what book you’ve been reading lately and then I think…West London would actually be just perfect. 





The couple next door- book review time

My usual Sunday stroll starts at about 10 am- the first stop is my usual cappuccino from my local Pret followed by a trip to my local Waterstones. Reading has been an obsession of mine since I was a little girl, collecting books and falling in love with characters. C’mon girls, you gotta read time to time- it can’t be all insta and shopping. They have a really good deal at the moment, ‘buy one get one half price’ so obviously I was over the moon. The first book I picked up was ‘The couple next door’ by Shari Lapena.the

So for starters I bought this book Sunday morning and I finished it the next evening at midnight- Clearly this is an indication to how addicted I was to it! The book follows a couple called Anne and Marco who are going through a tough time with their new baby, marital problems with each other and of course issues with the couple next door.

I won’t go into the details but Marco and Anne decide to leave their six month old daughter asleep in their house whilst they have dinner at the couple next door’s house- thinking the baby would be OK as they would check in every half hour(like seriously why would you do that? Can someone call social services sil vous plait) but the child goes missing by midnight. What keeps you turning pages like a maniac is your curiosity for who took the damn baby? Is it a stranger? a kidnapper? the baby sitter? or did the mother Anne kill the baby herself since she has had mental health problems in the past.

What I liked most about Shari’s style is her ability to give the characters a lot of depth and layers, you really learn more about them the deeper you get into the book. The author has really taken her time to create tension throughout, I personally couldn’t predict at all to what happened to their child or the ending for that matter. As soon as you start trusting one of the characters, you realise actually you can’t trust anyone (lol like real life hey)

If you are looking for a good thriller which keeps you on an edge then I suggest picking up a copy or borrowing mine. You will definitely get lost in another world, a stressful world where a mother is desperate to find her only baby and a husband who has lost all control. I am just sad I finished it so soon, now I am just waiting for my bestie to tell me she has finished reading it too before I end up spoiling it for her!







Younger guys- Why not?

I was thinking the other day how we are in 2017 and it still is kind of considered a taboo to date a man a few years younger than you. Some women no matter how nice the guy is, won’t give him a chance because he maybe a few years younger than them. You start hearing things like, ‘But he is too young to settle down, he’s too immature’ but the reality is even a grown 35 year old man can be just as immature and petty with their Peter Pan complex!  However, we have successful relationships to name a few; like Eva Mendes who is six years older than the gorgeous Ryan Gosling, Shakira ten years older than her ballin’ soccer player,Brigitte Macron, the current French President’s older wife and let’s please not forget sexy Hugh Jackman who is 48 and his wife Deborra is 61. All these women are powerful, stunning and have an intelligent younger man by their side so it seems age is nothing but a number.

Here are my four reasons to why you should consider a younger man;

Always up for fun and open minded:
I don’t know if it is the age or personality but guys in their mid 20’s are always excited to try new things and experience new places. They can go out dancing with you till the sun comes up, wake up bright and early to go running with you, their energy is inspiring. They are also not set in their ways- which can get so boring. Most are happy to try that new restaurant you’ve been talking about all week and go to Paris on the weekend spontaneously because they aren’t worried about the lack of sleep or  a possible hangover.

– So loving/emotionally available
A few older men can go on and on about how that bitch once upon a time broke their heart ten hundred years ago so they will never buy flowers for another girl ever again. So now you are being punished and settling for a glass of house wine because he is still crying about his ex who dumped him in college because he got fat or something. Usually, younger guys don’t have that emotional baggage so they treat you like the princess that you are and happy to open up their heart to you! Which is so important.

– Passionate
Whether it is technology, their career or art; younger guys can be so passionate and optimistic about things and if you have a black soul like me then it can be so infectious to be surrounded by such positive energy. They can even teach you how to kick back and relax and to enjoy life for a second-
– Amazing body
Shallow but true- being a fitness bunny myself I sure can appreciate a man who takes care of himself. Some guys in their 30’s just start letting themselves go and all that constant drinking in the evenings contribute to their beer belly- so not cute. I feel it is a luxury these days for a man to have nice abs- he doesn’t have to be Britain’s next top model but a guy who treats his body well is always attractive. I am always bumping into younger male models who are only a year or two younger than me and I am super impressed by their physique because it’s like ‘wow…are you real though?’ 🙂

I don’t have anything against older men, in fact I wouldn’t mind myself a George Clooney- sophisticated, worldly and classy but if you meet a man with all those qualities and he is a few years younger than you, it would be stupid, immature even to let him go.